August 2010: My Google Chrome Extensions (inspired by @mcleod )

Inspired by Scott McLeod’s latest post at Dangerously Irrelevant, I wanted to share the Google Chrome extensions that I’ve found most useful so far.

I currently use 12 extensions. Click image to enlarge

I use Chromed Bird most frequently, and it is my Twitter app of choice on my computer. It is less imposing than TweetDeck Desktop.

I made this Jing screencast to demonstrate many of the things I love about Chromed Bird:

  • No imposing notifications (chimes, popups). This has become essential since the number of tweeps I follow has grown.  New tweets are indicated by the icon changing in color. The number indicates how many new tweets you have among your followees, and the color can be customized to distinguish between general tweets and tweets/DMs directed to you. I have it set so that a tweetdeck-esque popup also appears for tweets that are @me.
  • You can mark tweets as read by hovering over them.
  • You can follow multiple #hashtags and lists (though I find more than 3 or 4 too bulky).
  • Smooth tweet composition, including URL shortener (you can choose your favorite).
  • Unified view can combine all hashtags, @replys, DMs, and recent tweets if you wish
  • Want to follow a new tweep? Click their username and their twitter page will open in a new chrome tab.
  • You can preview most pictures (tinypic, yfrog) right inside as a thumbnail

Some other extensions I use frequently:

  • Google Mail Checker Plus to alert when new mail arrives to my gmail account. You can read full emails in the extension, as well as delete, archive and mark as spam. You can even reply, and a composition window will pop up. If it was better at handling conversations, I’d almost never have to open Gmail in a browser.
  • I use Google Apps Login a lot, since I have a few free Apps accounts that I use frequently for personal and educational purposes.
  • URL shortener to make sharing links via email more manageable. Great for unwieldy GoogleDocs URLs
  • I never fully utilized Google reader until I installed the RSS Subscription Extension. Now I follow a wide range of educational blogs through GReader. This is great with Google Reader Notifier
  • Because I get annoyed when Outlook (or Outlook express) pops up when I intentionally or unintentionally click on an email URL, Send from Gmail will compose an email in Gmail.

What chrome extensions can you not live without?

5 thoughts on “August 2010: My Google Chrome Extensions (inspired by @mcleod )”

  1. Thanks for the Send from Gmail, I hate when that happens, too.
    And when will GDocs just give us short links in the first place? ARG!
    I’ve been having problems logging into Google Sites using Chrome 🙁
    I like Seesmic Web for Twitter, but I’ll look into Chromed Bird in case Seesmic is blocked in Sept. (I run Portable Chrome off my network drive at school.)

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m not sure what the problem is with Google Sites for you. I can usually sign into it through multiple accounts at once!

  2. This is fantastic. I haven’t been happy with TweetDeck or any of the other 3rd party clients I’ve found. I’m a Chrome user and this looks like it will give me just the functionality I want. Thanks for sharing this, Ms. B.

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