Units 5 & 6

Unit 5: Counting Particles

No real changes to this unit. I added Mole Challenges as extra hands-on practice.

Unit 6: Particles with Internal Structure

We generally followed a traditional sequence. Some changes:

  • We discussed Coulomb’s Law, as they didn’t do it in last year’s physics classes. This helped with the sticky-tape lab quite a bit. This was a great set up for the next unit.
  • We used molview.org for crystal structures instead of Mercury software. Great to be able to access on iPad. Here are the structures I used.
  • It helped to split the “atomic” group into “atomic” and “metallic.” (tip from Tammy Gwara)


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  1. What levels of chemistry do you teach? Our general chemistry doesn’t cover any energy topics, but I see a lot of it on your blog.

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