Here again.

As I headed over to my blog dashboard, I realized it has been almost exactly a year since I last posted. And, funny enough, I am exactly where I left off. I am back at Taft School, this time for a two-week AP chemistry workshop. The main difference is this time I actually will be teaching AP chemistry in the fall.

This is my second round of professional development so far this summer. A few weeks ago I attended an amazing week-long conference at St. Paul’s School. Early in the week, we had some lectures on how students learn, effective strategies to maximize what students learn, and backwards design. In the second half of the week, we applied a bit of what we learned to prepare a full lesson to other participants. One great thing about this conference is that all of the participants were from independent boarding schools. As a group we had a wide variety of experience, some teaching just a few years, others teaching almost a few decades. While I went in skeptical about having a single conference for history, English, foreign language, math and and science, I actually got a lot out of the experience. In fact we were never segregated into our subject areas. I observed and gave feedback on nearly a dozen lessons in spanish, psychology, English and science, and feedback on my lesson from humanities teachers on my own lesson was most valuable. And as an added bonus, I got to know a few of my new colleagues.

Later this month, I will be going to ChemEd 2015, and leading a workshop (along with Laura Slocum and Brenda Royce) on Stoichiometry.

A very busy summer indeed.

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