What I learned: Day 3 of AP Chemistry Workshop

Modeling Chemistry (or physics, or bio) seems to be the perfect prep for the new AP class

When looking at the College Board’s recommendations for improving performance on this year’s Free Response Questions, some repeated themes include

  • have students draw particle views of…
  • distinguish between descriptions and explanations
  • have students describe in words what they observe
  • have students explain what they believe is occurring (but cannot see) in terms of both chemical principles and particle-level diagrams
  • no naked numbers
  • algorithmic calculations are okay only if accompanied by conceptual understanding

Erica Posthuma-Adams wrote an article in the Journal of Chemical Education about modeling chemistry and AP Science Practices.

Your students lack time management skills.

Which is why 57% of test takers left the last Free Response Question blank.

Skeptical baby is skeptical.

While you should definitely teach better time management skills, they may add a reading period in next year’s exam.

They 2015 exam is already written, so there can’t be major changes to it at this point.

One thought on “What I learned: Day 3 of AP Chemistry Workshop”

  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences from your workshop. I am a novice AP Chemistry teacher and I have been trying to develop a successful program at my school. I try to get input from multiple sources and find practices that I can incorporate into my class immediately. My students struggle with the writing and explanations in the FRQs and you provided some helpful tips for me.

    Thank you again! Keep posting!

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