What I learned: Day 1 of AP Chemistry Workshop

There’s a lot of AP-level chemistry in a simple 4-ingredient baggie lab.

Calcium chloride. Sodium hydrogen carbonate. Phenol Red. Water. A common first year chemistry lab, but incredibly useful in third quarter of an AP chemistry lab. Dissociation, hydrolysis, precipitation, neutralization reactions, thermodynamics, net ionic equations. Inquiry. Its all there. And its cheap. And its straight-forward enough to also work separately in a first year course.

I’m really bad at writing multiple choice questions.

I am not particularly bothered by this. I rarely if ever include them on my tests.

Nothing magical has happened yet to make me want to convert my course to AP. But I’m looking forward to the rest of the week, and getting a closer look at the new curriculum/labs.


One thought on “What I learned: Day 1 of AP Chemistry Workshop”

  1. Don’t write MC questions! “Borrow” from the Internet, old or different textbooks, or past exams. Each wrong answer has to be wrong for a common-mistake reason to build false confidence in a wrong answer. Having 40-50% of exams MC is a great way to free up grading time for other more rewarding activities. What percentage of students do you think take the time to review and reflect on your grading scheme, and think about what they can do to get better? If I post an answer key with a 75% avg, maybe half will look at they key before the next exam.

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