Coming Soon: Global Chemistry Department

This summer #chemchat (a twitter chat for chemistry teachers) launched on Wednesday nights at 8:30-9:30pm EST. Its a great opportunity to tweet with fellow chemistry teachers about a specific topic (inquiry, project design, dimensional analysis, demos, etc) to talk about the “why,” best practices, specific ideas that can be carried into the classroom. You can access the archives here.

I think there is room for a different kind of chemistry education discussion. Inspired by the Global Physics Department and the Global Math Department, Corey Kilbane (@CentralScience) and I are working to launch the Global Chemistry Department.


A non-twitter, multimedia platform will allow us to share and collaborate in whole new ways. Using BigMarker as our platform, we can usetext chat, audio, webcam as well as uploading files or presentation for easy sharing. The Global Chemistry Department could be a place to have live discussions, such as:

  • Lesson Spotlights: A teacher shares the details of a successful lesson, lab or unit, or of a unique way of approaching a traditionally difficult topic
  • Tech Tools: A teacher sharing how a particular tool is used effectively in their classroom.
  • Curriculum Strategies: A teacher shares experience with cross-curricular project-based learning, or experiences with spiraling own curriculum.
  • Lesson Feedback: A new or experienced teacher might share a video of a lesson in their class, and solicit feedback on their teaching.
Truly, the possibilities are unlimited. Everyone, new and experienced teachers alike, can find something to share.
A screencap from last night’s Global Math Department

What we need from you

  • You can create a free account on, and join in on the launch of the Global Chemistry Department.
  • Weigh in: What weeknight would you prefer to hold Global Chemistry Department? It will be held at 9-10pm EST/6-7pm PST.
  • What would you like to see at the Global Chemistry Department? Weigh in in the comments here, at BigMarker, or on twitter (#globalchem).
  • If YOU would like to present at Global Chem Department, contact –> me AT
We hope to launch the week of September 17th. I hope you’ll join us!



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  1. I can report that the Global Physics Department has really helped me connect with the physics education community. Twitter chats are great, but I really like using the full web conferencing software when possible. Good luck!

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