BCCE: Day 3 Recap

Tuesday was a good day at BCCE. Highlights:

  • I saw two talks on chemistry misconceptions. One dealt with oxidation-reduction reactions, and the issues some college students have using multiple representations to demonstrate their understanding of the reactions. Some issues seem very basic (such as representing an ionic solution at the particle level), while others were more significant (such as what the role of the spectator ion is, and what energy transfer actually means).  I’ll be keeping a very close eye on my seniors this year to see if any of these misconceptions exist during our redox units.
  • I really enjoyed the afternoon Food Chemistry symposium. While not at all immediately applicable to my classes, I’m more committed to finding a way to design a food chemistry elective at my school.
  • I had really a good cupcake at the picnic. REALLY good.
  • Ok, it was cupcakeS.
  • Had an amazing discussion with two teachers about curriculum until midnight.  THIS is the best thing about these conferences.

That’s all for now. Today is the last full day of symposia, so hopefully I’ll have some good highlights tomorrow.

My BCCE notes can be found here.

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