Google Sites: Build Your Own Theme (Pt. 3)

By | July 31, 2011

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In Pt. 2, we finished with a basic site with a customized color scheme.


Next, we will create a basic header (page wrapper) for our site.

Creating a Custom Header Image

To create a header image, I use the freeware GIMP. It is a simple and free image manipulation software similar to Photoshop. It would definitely be worthwhile learning how to use more intermediate or advanced components of this program, but I haven’t yet, and haven’t need to. I only use text and rectangles to create my headers.

Download GIMP, install, and launch the application. Time to load will depend on how many fonts you have on your system. Once loaded, follow the instructions below:

The image I created above is downloadable here.

In Pt. 4, we will insert this header into the Google Site and adjust the header page dimensions as needed.

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